Florida Lake Sea Scouts
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what have our SCOUTS acheived


Nicholas and Connor are representing South Africa in the I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup in Long Beach California

Sabin Willson completed his Springbok badge

Vaughn Mare completed his Springbok badge

Morgan Willson completed his Springbok badge

Morgan acheivement was recognised and he was presented with his Springbok badge in August at the Group Dinner.


Sabin Willson & Vaughn Mare headed off to San Francisco, to compete in the sixth biannual William I. Koch International Sea Scout Cup.

Sabin & Vaughn made FLSS very proud by placing 8th overall, and winning the sportsmanship award.


Michael Smith & Mathew Eckhart join 1st Benoni, for the annual Gig Adventure.

Michael & Mathew Crewed in one of the Jnr Teams, with freezing temperatures, the crew pulled together to do 58km in 7 hours

gig adventure







Meet our Springbok Scouts



Message from Port...... Port is the best thing since sliced bread! Port has won the star patrol award 6 out of 11 times. We are the undisputed and Undefeated Sea Scout Volley Ball Champs! to sum us up, listen to the "We are the champions" by Queen. We have the Ginger, the Sheetmaster, the Beast, the Man from Allen Glen & Aldo's and the Christian school boy. Port AKA the Fort


Message from Starboard...... Starboard is the youngest patrol in FLSS, yet we are the best patrol. The patrol maybe small but dynamite comes in small packages. We work hard and play hard.


Message from Midships......In Midships Patrol we strive to do our best. we are a relatively new patrol, we have been guided through courses and though the help of our previous patrol leaders, we do our best to teach guide and protect our members.


Message from Stern......


Message from Quarterdeck...... Quaterdeck wasf FLSS's first all girl patrol, and might we add, we are the best! Although we may not be the fastest we still strive to get all our duties and tasks done. All of us have different traits, personalities, strengths and weaknesses, but as we go along we help each other. Our mission is to show people that sea scouts is not only for boys and about boys but that even girls can do it. We all want to obviously achieve the top award which is springbok but we also want obey our scout law.


Message from Bows......

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